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Stevens International has over 42 years of experience in USA-Mexico trade. We have participated in a variety of projects such as: large hydroelectric dam construction equipment projects, tv / film media and entertainment industry shipping, oem automobile supplier industry shipping, intl. maquila logistics, heavy industrial equipment shipping, agricultural operations, commercial food industry products / equipment, relocation / household goods, hotel/resort goods, heavy duty production equipment, manufacturing components, full service foreign governmental orientation and corporate arbitration services.

Our extensive established resource network is an elemental part of our success and we continually strive to provide our clientele with new and dynamic ways to foster international commerce.

We at Stevens International continuously seek to improve and streamline our customers' international business transactions. Mexico can be a highly lucrative place to conduct business and world of new opportunities. We at Stevens International can serve as your compass and layout a map of how, where, when, why and with whom to entrust with your voyage. In short without a map any road will take you...

Stevens International has extensive experience with US companies conducting business in Mexico. Be it importing tools or equipment temporarily in Mexico or shipping supplies to a jobsite in Mexico we will get the job done and done right on time.

The bridge between the US exports and the border crossing and the actual import into Mexico can be a formidable task with: $ exchange rates, pounds/kilos, language issues, cultural differences, time differences, various holidays, weights/dimensions, ISO9000, MSDS regs, HTS differences and lastly paperwork can be a huge burden for your logistics administrative staff. Stevens International clarifies, streamlines and coordinates your needs and meets all the necessary requirements of trade.

Time sensitive shipments require specialized preparation and well laid out contingency plans, we at Stevens International thrive upon opportunity to serve our clients and consistently execute the tasks at hand. We work with all parties (shipping/receiving, truckers, management, engineering, govt agencies, consignees, customers) to assure clear comunication and provide logistical and documentation support throughout the process.

Keeping abreast of current changes to USA and Mexico Customs laws and regulations are a major part of pre-crossing preparation and due diligence practices at our company. Many times we assist our customers with the formulation of a sandards and practices quality manual for USA/Mexico Trade. This unique and specialized service is without parallel in the industry. In some cases the ISO9000/14000 registrar can be enveloped and will serve to conform to the established quality standards.

We provide reference and direction to clients with agencies such as:

USA>      DOC, DOT, ATF, Customs and Border Protection, FDA, USDA, TSA


To fully assist international companies in successfully conducting business in both Mexico and the USA  through the continued implementation of our expertise, our reliability and our quality service standards.

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